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Orchard Park girl whose family sought medical marijuana to treat seizures dies
ALBANY (BuffaloNews) – When an amended version of the new medical marijuana law was passed on the floor of the State Senate in June, Wendy Conte was the first to jump to her feet in the visitors gallery overlooking the chamber to applaud.
Conte did so knowing the law would not take effect for at least 18 months – far too long to help her 9-year-old daughter, Anna, who needed immediate help.
Anna had a form of epilepsy that hit her with hundreds of seizures a day, and she battled these episodes constantly but cheerfully, her mother said.
But on Thursday night, Anna died.
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Mean while Cuomo and NY state politicians are patting themselves on the back for “legalizing medical marijuana”, by taking 18 months to implement the treatment and only allowing it in forms that require heavy regulation and processing, so that the money stays firmly within the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.
This girl died for a political stunt conveniently timed for the 2016 elections. Tell me again how our political system doesn’t deserve to be completely scrapped.

I work in the MMJ industry and I can not begin to tell you how many people that cannabis has helped. It’s not a bunch of pot smoking hippies, had this girl gotten the help she so desperately needed then maybe she would still be here with us.

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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself

You are never alone. I care of you! If you need someone to talk to someone to care and understand?I am here don’t ever think that killing yourself is the solution. That’s a permanent fix to a temporary problem.

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“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search for their other halves.”

~Plato’s The Symposium.

How many times will I reblog this? “Always.”

We did it at school. The myth also says that the pairings could be male/female, male/male or female/female (just sayin’)

sometimes you don’t need to find someone else

I appreciate the hell out of the pink circle addition. I’m happy and I don’t need to hook up just because “Society says so”

I am already whole.

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Petrichor; the scent that is left after it rains. 🐘 #jadeplant #elephant #rain #fisheyelens #positivity #positivevibes

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Kitty plays on rainy days. 💧🐈 #windowseal #windowplants #kitty #goodluckblackcat #seven #clutteredwindowseal

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I have this #theory if you #leap and you have #faith in your wings you can do none other then fly. These past few weeks have been a series of leaps and I couldn’t imagine not taking a single one of them!! #lifeisgood ! #colorado #justgotmydreamjob #positivevibes #positivity #powerofattraction

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But this could never happen it has been proven that you will catch feelings for someone if you are continually having sex with them. Your soul is not meant to linger with another in such a way and not get to feel there energy.

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An Indiana police officer has kept his job after pushing over a man in a wheelchair – despite his entire department demanding he be fired.
Lafayette Police Department Lieutenant Tom Davidson can be seen on video, dated October 1st last year, shoving paraplegic Nicholas Kincade.
The assault appears to be prompted by Mr Kincade bumping Lt Davidson’s foot with his motorised wheelchair.
The incident occurred near the Excel School in Indianapolis, where police were called by school staff after Mr Kincade allegedly told them he had a gun in his backpack. Responding officers quickly found the man didn’t have a gun and he was told that he could leave with a trespassing warning, at the school’s request. According to Turnto23, Lt Davidson was put on leave during an investigation into his actions, but despite his department saying that he should be fired, the Lafayette Police Civil Service Commision – who vote on hiring and firing officers – instead ruled ‘unbecoming conduct’ and sentenced him to a 30-day unpaid suspension and a drop in rank.

Oh, but thank god we have government to protect us and look after marginalized people.

At least his coworkers realize he did something wrong

This is fucking disgusting. And I agree with the person above me…at least the rest of the department is just as appalled by his behavior. What a scumbag

More stories of badge abuse.

What a disgusting disgraceful over power hungry pig!!! This man should be treated like swine a fired how can this be right? Oh wait it’s the police were are talking about here the “peace keepers” he just seems like a piece of dirt under my shoes!

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you can tell if a girl is a hoe by her nails or eyebrows

I can’t even make sense of this! That’s just plain old stereotypical bullshit. You can not tell a book by its cover.

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